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The Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra:
A Danish band that recorded two albums with Jamesie in Denmark.

PHONIX, a band from Denmark:
In the documentary, Phonix, a band from Denmark plays on the same
venue as Jamesie at the Chicago World Music Festival. The band members
are former students of Jamesie when he taught in Denmark. Visit their
website to hear their music and to see photos of Jamesie and Phonix in
Chicago (gallery, 04).

For information on the Jamesie project archival materials contact:

Center for Black Music Research
Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois

Learning Networks Foundation
Since 2005 LNF has helped fund and supported King Derby' Calypso After School program. King Derby was also featured in the documentary. Photos of the screening that took place on St. Croix and performance by Jamesie and the All Stars can be seen at:

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